Adopt a star from a free star registry – is it a good idea?

Occasionally we see people in the planetarium with expensive pieces of paper, wondering if they can see the star that was adopted for free.  For many years this passionate scheme has been going on. No, the star that your loved-one got for you is not officially recognized because it was purchased through some free star registry.  So, here is the reason why those name-a-star registries OR adopt a free star companies should be looked at as entertainment only.

adopt a star free

First things first, stars aren’t named the way you and I are named (obviously we are named without paying a single dollar).  The reason to give a celestial object a designation or name is to aid in locating, describing, and discussing it. Alphanumeric designations are usually arranged by position, which classically made them easy to look up in catalogs; precise coordinates provide an identity. This is a boisterous work that cannot be completed just by naming a star through a Free Star Registry Or Adopt a star free advertisements.

What does it mean to name a star?

When a star is named, an individual gives the name of a star in the sky. It can be either an invented name, for example, “Zerconica”, or the real name of a person, for example, “Roy Brown”. As a general rule, it is possible to choose any name. The name given to the star is maintained for life.

Free star registry names are fine for small groups of well-known objects but it’s not ideal or practical for catalogs of millions of stars. People like to adopt a free star but that is where they get fooled by free star registry services. But you’re probably thinking to yourself, “what about stars like Vega and Sirius?  They all have unique names.” Hundreds of stars have names for some traditional reasons (myths, timekeeping, agricultural seasons, navigation etc.) or scientific reasons (variability, unusual properties, proximity, exoplanet host star, etc.).

It is better to register a genuine star name through a reputed star name registry than to adopt a free star that is actually not yours.

Are the stars visible?

Of course, when you register or adopt a star through some genuine star registry, you experience the named star being visible from all over the world. You do not need a telescope to see the star. The best thing is you can see it with the naked eye. This is one of the many reasons you should buy a star name.

Why you should not adopt a star for free

Following are some outcomes that you may encounter after getting a star registered from a free star registry:

  1.       Giving a free star name is a hoax because they are not registered in the authentic star registry.
  2.       The coordinates that free star registry services claim to have are not real.
  3.       All the names given to stars stay in their private databases.
  4.       Someone who registered the star name from a reputable star registry has rights on the star name but not you who registered it for free.
  5.       No real star certificate and the map is provided by these services.

Buying a Star Name

Naming a star with the name of your loved one is a unique gift for graduations, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas or other special occasions. An ideal and original present for friends and family. Give them something they will never forget. One of the gift ideas with the fastest growth in recent decades.

A certificate that indicates the celestial location of your star and the name you have chosen for it in relief is a beautiful reminder of your generosity and affection. The recipient of the gift will be able to look at the certificate of the star in relief with a feeling that will not end over the years. Framed and hanging on a wall, it will be a reason for more than one conversation.

Obviously, all of this cannot be claimed for free, it is better to spend little money for the loved ones.