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in the Sky.

Name a Star. It's the best gift in the universe!

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Check out our stellar offers

  • Traditional Star
    Gift Pack

    By choosing our Traditional Star offer, you can adopt a real star in space! Even better, the star you name is one which can be seen anywhere on Earth, at any time of the year. Your star will always be with you!

  • The Stars of Zodiac
    Gift Pack

    Buying a star in a constellation is an excellent option when it comes to naming a twinkling distant sun. Constellations are always much easier to remember and find, so choose your favorite star sign and name a part of the Zodiac.

  • A Double Star
    Gift Pack

    A binary star — or a double star — is a system of two gravitationally-connected stars orbiting around their common center of mass. Double stars are a great choice if you want to buy a star for two people, and even better for celebrating people who have a special connection.

  • Custom Star Map
    Gift Pack

    Do you remember that magical evening when your heart skipped a beat and you wanted the moment to last forever? Now you can – make a custom star map that reflects the exact star alignment of the night. All you have to do is add the location and time of the special event.

Premium Star Gift Pack

Name a Star After Someone You Truly Love



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*Premium packaging and express shipping are included

Reason to Buy a Star

In our galaxy, there are more than 100 billion stars.
We are sure that each and every one of us has a close special someone who deserves a uniques and original gift.

Perhaps you had moments in life that should never be forgotten - and this is an excellent opportunity to name a star and make them unforgettable.

Look up at the night sky, think of the people you love, and we are confident that everyone can find a reason to create a gorgeous, thoughtful gift for their loved ones.

Buy A Star Here
buy a star package

Buy a Star and Locate it Through Our Star Register!

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What does a star gift include?

  • cosmonova.org

    Official registration in the Cosmonova’s Star Database - a timeless honor.

  • buy a star

    Your own beautifully printed and personalized Star Certificate.

  • name a star official

    A digital copy of your Star Certificate, as soon as you name your star.

  • register star

    An elegant Star Map including the location of the star you have registered.

Buy a Star in any Constellation

We only offer the name of easily-visible stars to our customers. If you are in any way unhappy with the star you have named, you can ask us to name any other star for you. You also have the right to request a full refund for your purchase. You can easily find the stars you would like to adopt in our register, and we will send your Star Name Registration Certificate and Star Map immediately after purchase. We can also send these to you by email as digital copies if you need them immediately.

  • Aries


  • Taurus


  • Gemini


  • Cancer


  • Leo


  • Virgo


  • Libra


  • Scorpio


  • Sagittarius


  • Capricorn


  • Aquarius


  • Pisces


Buy A Star Here

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Excellent Print Quality

Your loved ones will be impressed with the outstanding quality of our Certificates and Star Maps. We use the latest printing technology and only the best materials to provide quality usually reserved only for wedding prints and portrait art.

Fast Shipping

Thanks to our extensive shipping capabilities, we can send star name gift packages anywhere in the world. And if it is a last minute gift idea, you can also choose to instantly receive a digital Certificate of Star Name Registration by email.

Customer Care

We always do our best to take care of our stellar customers. You are more than welcome to send us a message whenever you need any information about your purchase. Nobody is left unattended — we always reply as soon as possible.

Secure Payments

We provide a 100% guarantee for the security of your order and payment information. We use the latest SSL security (HTTPS) software, and our site is also protected with further security measures.

Perfect For Any Occasion

  • buy a star gift

    Birthday Gift

  • register a star

    Valentine's Day Gift

  • purchase a star

    Love Gift

  • name a star

    Family Gift

  • buy a star online

    Corporate Gift

  • buy a star cheap

    Baby Gift

  • star registration

    Graduation Gift

  • name a star gift

    Anniversary Gift


What is CosmoNova?

CosmoNova is a company with a wealth of experience in the professional registration of stars. Our competent and professional team is passionate about its work — and always strives to deliver the best quality, on time. We will help you create unique gifts that your loved ones can enjoy for centuries.

  • name a star cheap

    Select Your Star Gift

    First decide whether you want to name a Traditional Star, Star of the Zodiac or a Double Star. Then choose a name for the desired star and add your personal message.

  • gift star registration

    Choose Delivery and
    Payment Methods

    Provide your personal details and choose your preferred method of payment and delivery. After that, just check the order information, and we will do the rest for you.

  • buy a star fast

    Fast Processing and

    We will send you a confirmation email as soon as we receive your payment — and then ship your Star Certificate and Star Map on the same day. In urgent cases, we can also send you digital copies of these documents by email so you can print them yourself.