In the Cosmo Nova we name the stars, which can be clearly seen from Earth throughout the year. In the context of a stellar name, it is usually understood that a private person names the star. This name can be either an invented name, for example, a “small mouse,” or a real name, for example, “Sarah Johnson.”

We are a partner of Star Register and this guarantees our reliability and quality.  You can always find your registered star in the official Star Register database.

After registering on our website and selecting a name for your star, all information about your order will be sent to our official partner “Star Register.” With it, you will have access to track your star and view it from the satellite. Cosmo Nova is a group of professionals with extensive experience that registers objects around the world. Our site is controlled by a well-known partner of Star Registrar, therefore we meet all high standards and requirements. Our team guarantees you the best quality of the name of the stars. Every order for us is of paramount importance. Everyone who uses our services feels welcome and welcomed. Working with us, you will get ample opportunities to register your stars. Each of your stars is unique among millions of others, and each of them will be officially marked by a star certificate of proof.

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