Sirius, Canopus, Arcturus, Vega, Capella. The scorching stars and star stuff that make up our DNA. These majestic bodies that so extraordinarily exist among us were named by illustrious ancient human cultures. They really set things in perspective, don’t they?

At CosmoNova, we find the stars’ influence on us to be truly humbling. Our ancestors understood the power of the night sky,

What if, fellow stargazer, you could name one of those scorching cosmic beasts after you? What if you could burn your mark into the galactic wonder that is our universe? Tell your story forever by buying a star.

Have you ever wondered how to register a star online? It’s probably simpler than you think. We work directly with the official Star Naming Service, and your name can officially be a part of the world’s night sky – for the rest of eternity.

Here at Cosmo Nova, we stargaze at night and daydream of stars in the day. We live by the philosophy that, like the stars, the nearly 8 billion humans residing on this relatively minuscule planet are each unique. And despite our size in the context of the explosively vast universe, our lives have meaning.

Each star, just like each person, has an extraordinary and unique story to tell. We want you to tell yours forever. Human beings are inherently and deeply connected with the cosmos, and we’re here to support you in your journey to understand that connection.

Our goal at Cosmo Nova is not only to offer our customers a piece of the heavens but to offer insightful information on how the cosmos influence us on a personal level. We are passionate about the stars, space, astrology, and how we can use it to help our unique lives move forward.

We offer our customers the possibility to buy a star from us as well as to unravel the secrets of self-discovery through understanding the cosmos.

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