Stargazing. Tips to make it an unforgettable night

Stargazing… romantic adventure for everyone

How much do you need to be happy!? How much you already have? Life is an adventure of moments. Moments that stay in your memories. We bet you also have to do list with things you want to try. Incredible things to feel and see. As a matter of fact one of them is stargazing. An unrepeatable pattern of the night sky drags your head up. The stars make you dream, meditate, feel the flow of the beauty. The night sky speaks to you through millions of twinkles. Do you feel inspired looking at them, wondering how far they are from you? Does your heart skips a beat, lost in the ocean of the sky pearls? If yes, we help you to be ready for the moment when night opens the curtain of the sky to stargaze for you.

Start from motivation

Feel comfortable and feel the wish…Therefore stargazing is all season entertaining. However, in winter the other constellations open for a viewer but in summer it is warmer to be outside. Try to involve someone with you. You can take a friend or a couple of people.Certainly it is great to do it with your beloved one. Great tip for the surprise! Cosmonova can help you to emphasize this adventure. Not only looking for the stars but to find your own one can be challenging.

Learn a little about the astronomy

Do not overwhelm yourself with loads of scientific literature. Get to know some easy and useful things. For instance:

  • If a bright light in the sky sparkles, it’s a star if it doesn’t and appears stationary, it’s a planet. If an object is much brighter than those around it, there’s a good chance it’s a planet.
  • Stars are best to see without a moonshine.
  • Learn some of the constellation in the times and seasons of your choice.
  • Most stars are an icy white colour, but after dark adapted eyes will make out that some are more of a bluish colour while others are yellow, orange or even red.

Do not spend money on telescope

It seems likely that you are a newbie. Do not stock up on a high-tech tools. Start with binoculars instead. You will be surprised how much details you can see with them. Instead invest in a red flashlight so you don’t fumble in the darkness (or fall off a roof). Red light does not have the same effect on eyes as does blue or white light. You can create your own red flashlight by covering your cell phone with red cellophane or paper.

Make it a romantic moment

It does not matter what you see it does matter how you watch, make it easy, romantic and unforgettable. Just warm cosy cloth a cover and a thermos with hot chocolate is going to sparkle up the stargazing night. Take your beloved one with you. You should get a named Star Map not to get lost in the delightful fireworks of sky and  watch. Remember this moment below the stars, let it stay in your memory.

Life is like a shooting star and we think they remember our names till they fall.

Be remembered with Cosmonova!