Buy a gift from the heart. The art of reaching stars

Buy a gift from the heart, the first and the only important rule.What gift should I buy? Have you faced this challenge? Sometimes we want to give a thrill. Sometimes we search for something personal and intimate. As trying to select a present we aim to choose unique and precious peace. We want a present to remind about a gift-giver.

What is gifting?

Gifting is so much more than just the act of giving an object — it’s a way to send a message to the recipient of the gift. When you put some thought into it and choose a meaningful present, the gift becomes a wish for someone’s happiness.

CosmoNova is a company that helps you to give a thoughtful present that includes perceptiveness and creativity, charm and thrill, all wide spectrum of emotions a gift can include! CosmoNova is a company that helps you reach the stars!

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Buy a gift in an hour

At any time of the year, trying to find the perfect gift that expresses how much you care can be frustrating: nobody likes wandering around the mall on the day before the event, hoping desperately for inspiration. And what if there is no time even for that? Have you felt this deadline before the important occasion and you are still there empty-handed? As a matter of fact usually buying the first proper available? That feels horrible doesn’t it?

We found a solution! Your perfect gift can be made in one hour! You can buy a gift just on the way to occasion. Imagine the thrill to get a star with a personal name on it?

Universality of this gift is amazing! Imagine, that it is a thing that suits everyone: your couple, friend, a family member or whole family, your pet, the one who was just born and the one we want to remember. This gift makes you feel very special and gives a personal charm. It is suitable for every occasion.

The only thing that is impossible to change is the reaction of the gift receiver. The person will be dazzled, impressed and knocked off the feet! You give the whole meaning to it, the memory, emotion, creativity and a thing to be proud off and boast about.

get star named after you

We want you to feel happy when giving!

We try to make a process of gifting to be a funny adventure for you. On our website, you can easily pick the type of the star, any location in any constellation. Give it your own name, choose your personal message! It is really easy and interesting! Talk to our customer support if you hesitate or have concerns. We are happy to help you. Moreover we have different tasks to get promo codes and discounts for your future orders.

Buy a physical gift, choose your own design and frame. May be you know a zodiac sign or you want to be special? We have special offers for binary stars. Fill up an address of the receiver and make a surprise!

What about something even more special?

Order a night sky! How? Very easy, just follow us BELOW THE STARS.

There we recreate a full sky of stars that was shining over you in that special day. Choose a day and watch a magic!