Star certificate is the best gift. Why to choose CosmoNova?

Star certificate is a dazzling present. It is unique, personal and everlasting. Who doesn’t want to impress their loved one or to create an unforgettable memory? Our aim is to help you choose a special gift that makes a memorable day indelible. As a matter of fact Cosmonova created the best service to make your dream come true. And here are the reasons why…

1. Star certificate is unique and named just after You in our STAR DATABASE

We treasure every our client and make sure that every order is tailored to the special person. You can absolutely rely that your star is one-of-a-kind.

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2. Print quality.

We use the latest printing technologies to provide the best Star Certificates and Star Maps. We always pay particular attention to the quality of our product and its packaging.

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3. Fast delivery.

If you choose “LAST MINUTE GIFT,” then the order is delivered to you instantly via e-mail. Printed version takes from 3-10 days. We dispatch all orders within 12 working hours.

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4. We reply all customer service emails within 12 hours.

Moreover you can always reach us through Instagram or Facebook.

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5. Cosmonova offers you good prices that suit every budget. Along with certificate you get a star map to find your special star.

In addition we have special offers and sales.

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6. Choose the star from constellation.

If you want to be a part of the specific star sign just choose yours!

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7. Your masterpiece of the interior.

As you can decide a frame color and the design of certificate according to your taste it becomes an eye catching detail.

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8. Great topic for discussion!

As a matter of fact a Star certificate is something that you see very rare therefore your guests will want to know more. A great topic to break the ice!

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9. The receiver of the gift will be thrilled!

Imagine to get such a present! A star certificate! Who can expect that?

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10. Your star will shine forever! It becomes a part of the life story…

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Time to choose your star