The 10 Best Romantic Gift Ideas For Him

Your boyfriend is always the hardest person to think of romantic gift ideas for. Not only have you already been giving him gifts every birthday, Christmas and maybe even Valentine’s Day for the last only-God-knows-how0many years, but he isn’t very materialistic – a scarf or a new hat just won’t cut it.

Your Romeo deserves a gift that’s personal, unique and thoughtful.

But you might not exactly be Davinci and your time is a candidate for the endangered species list.

What can you offer him that’s creative and romantic? Here are our top 10 suggestions for you:

1. Name a star in his name

Stars are eternal, like your love for your man. What could be more romantic than registering a star in your lover’s name? It’s easy to register a star online.

We’re kind of obsessed with stars (thanks, Captain Obvious!), but for good reason. The most romantic stories in history are told in the stars.

Things always change and love is hard. The night sky is no different – it is always moving with respect to our position in the cosmos.

But one thing that’s always constant is the night sky that follows the sun’s farewell. And in our own lifetimes, we will always see the same stars.

Our connection with the stars is eternal and sharing this connection with someone is a demonstration of your commitment to them.

Show them how eternal your love is with a star!

2. Make him a custom star map


Remember that night you two fell in love? It wasn’t anything particularly fancy. You drove up to the viewpoint and sat in the back of his truck and watched the stars. Over a bottle of Bordeaux, you laughed and told your favorite stories. You shared your deepest desires, dreams, and fears. You never felt more connected in your life.

Okay, it probably wasn’t that cheesy.

There are heaps of dates that can be special to a couple. First kiss, first date, wedding day, the day when the child was born, the day you first met, you name it. Pick the date that is most special to the two of you.

Recreate that night with a custom star map. You can create a custom map in seconds and add a special note and print it into a beautiful poster, perfect for decorating a bedroom or living room. Our friends at belowthestars.com will help you to get the best star map of the best quality.

3. Send him on a treasure hunt

There’s nothing like a challenge to add that spark in a relationship. Make him work to find the gift. The real gift, ultimately, will be the treasure hunt itself.

Find 5-10 spots across the city that are special to your relationship and leave clues at each one until he gets to the final gift.

For the first clue, start with a big box with a bunch of different boxes inside of it, one of which will hold the first clue.

Let your imagination go wild!

Each clue and spot will be related to something special in your relationship, making it super personal and romantic.

4. Take him to an escape room

A treasure hunt is a great idea for an adventurous boyfriend or husband. If you don’t have the time to set up a treasure hunt, another thing you could do for your puzzle-loving boyfriend is to take him to an escape room.

An escape room is an adventure game inside one room. You and your partner (or with more friends) are closed inside of the room and have to solve a set of puzzles and riddles in order to figure out how to get out.

You usually have about an hour to discover the secret plot.

It’s an amazing way to rekindle your communication skills and teamwork. Also, seeing your partner in their element can be a super turn-on.

5. ‘Open when’ envelopes

Create ‘open when’ envelopes, each dedicated to a specific circumstance. For example:

‘Open when you need encouragement’: Only you know how to encourage your love the way he needs. And you might not always be there for him physically! Write him a letter he can open when he gets a slump in the motivation department and needs a little extra TLC.

‘Open when we have an argument’: This one can be particularly special. Write him a love letter or a list of things that will help put things in perspective and remember how much you love each other.

‘Open when you want to see my face’: Simple, just throw in a few photos of your beautiful mug!

You get the gist… there are hundreds of potential situations you could write letters for.

6. Create your memory travel map

Love traveling together? Print out a map of the USA, Europe or whatever region/continent you two have traveled together.

Then, cut out photos of you at the locations in the shape of the state or countries.

It’s a beautiful and thoughtful version of a map that will remind him of your special trips together.

7. A home-made box of love coupons

This is a whole lot of gifts in one.

Give him coupons for gifts he can redeem over time. Dinner on you at his favorite restaurant. Two movie tickets whenever he feels like it.

One hour-long massage to the playlist of his choice.

Go wild. This can be a year’s worth of gifts in one.



8. Date bucket list

Another Netflix & Chill night? Not for you two. Spend some time and write 52 different date ideas (a whole year’s worth of date ideas!) on small pieces of paper and put them in beautiful mason jars.

Every weekend, you can playdate roulette and see what kind of special date you’ll be having together. Keep things different, sweet and romantic.



9. His-eyes-only boudoir photo book

This is a very special and sexy gift. A professional boudoir photographer can do a very sexy one-of-a-kind, his-eyes-only photoshoot that you can arrange in a sexy book and offer him as a gift.

Not only will this gift make you feel great and boost your self-esteem, but we promise he will be goo-goo ga-ga over it!



10. A bag of his favorite things

If you know your partner well, this gift will be easy to make.

Get a brown paper bag and fill it with all his favorite things: DVDs of his favorite show (or a USB drive), his favorite candy, snacks, drinks, etc.

This is warm, easy, romantic and relatively cheap!


What gift did you choose, and how did you do it? We’d love to hear your romantic gift ideas in the comments below!