Print Quality

We use the latest printing technologies to provide the best Star Certificates and Star Maps. We always pay particular attention to the quality of our product and its packaging.



Frontier 350 (LP-1500SC/FA) / Frontier 370 (LP-2000SC/FA)

  • Type: Floor-type, normal-light operation (laser printer, processor, cutter, sorter in one unit).
  • Exposure system: Scanning exposure system using RGB lasers (solid-state G and B lasers).
  • Index print: Color index print and normal prints can be printed from Advanced Photo System/135 (negative, positive, black and white) film in one pass (by RGB laser exposure).


Pearl Paper is designed exclusively for digital output with a unique pearl-like, silvery iridescent appearance, thick base and high stiffness. The embedded pearl-like crystals give a high gloss effect reflectance, especially in the highlights. Pearl effect is visible because of scattering and interference of light waves at the crystals.

When used on medium- or large-scale digital printer systems or on Fujifilm Frontier Minilabs, this paper yields high-image-glossy quality digital prints that make it suitable for such professional uses as high quality portrait, wedding fashion or commercial photography. Pearl paper has the highest level of image stability, ideal for high end display purposes.

  • High- gloss with iridescent, pearl-like effect
  • Exceptional sharpness, excellent image stability
  • Vibrant colour reproduction
  • Resistance to fingerprints
  • Ideal for cropping
  • Wide colour gamut