Traditional Star Registration

  • Normal

    Can be seen in small villages with minimal light around

  • Bright+ $15.00

    Can be seen in small cities with moderate light around

  • Very Bright+ $35.00

    Can be seen in large cities with a lot of light around

Pay attention! In this Gift Pack the zodiac sign is generated randomly. If you want to buy the star in your zodiac constellation, please choose The Stars of Zodiac Gift Pack

Please use only Latin letters and digits.

  • Use US date format MM/DD/YYYY
  • Use EU date format DD/MM/YYYY

You can pick a date in the past or future. This does not affect the delivery times or validity of registration.

No physical items sent. Certificate & star map will be emailed to you within 1 minute.

Printed copies of the certificate and star map won't be shipped to you. We will get your star registered and email you PDFs of the Certificate and Star Map.

You can choose a qty of physical copies of star certificate or star map to be shipped to you via mail.

  • Black+ $19.00
  • White+ $19.00

You will get a high quality wooden frame

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