Unique Baby Gift Ideas: Memorable Presents for Little Ones

If someone in your life is having a baby, a special gift can make a difference in their busy days. We’ve gathered twenty unique baby gift ideas to fit any budget. Both parents and babies will adore these cool treats.

Unique Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Letter Pillow

A soft cuddly pillow is always a good idea, and if it’s made in the shape of the initial letter of the baby’s name — it’s a definitely cool gift. Or you can go even beyond that and get pillows to make up the whole name!

Personalized Baby Blanket

Kids absolutely adore soft fuzzy blankets. A personalized baby blanket is another example of a cuddly gift that a little one will keep for a very long time.

Handprint Frame

The baby won’t be little for very long, so parents try to make the best of these lovely days. A handprint frame that typically comes with safe paints is a nice gift to preserve the early days forever.

handprint frame

Baby Keepsake Box

A keepsake box is a particularly sentimental gift. It enables new parents to keep memories tidy and organized. Today, you can be really spoiled with the choice: they come in different sizes and designs, and can combine drawers, vertical files, and mini envelopes.

First Year Baby Photo Frame

With a first year baby photo frame, parents will be able to store monthly milestone snaps of their child.

Commemorative Birth Pillow

Both parents and baby will be happy to receive such a special gift. You can order a pillow with the place, time and date of baby’s birth, parents’ names or other relevant information printed on it.

Personalized Name Puzzle

A wooden name puzzle is actually a multifunctional gift. It’s not just a toy: it’s a perfect thing to train small fingers. What is more, with a name puzzle, the baby will easily learn to read and write their name.

Unique Baby Gift Ideas: Stylish and Memorable

If new parents in your life are all about style and uniqueness, you’ll definitely impress them with these meaningful gifts. Here are our top stylish unique newborn baby gift ideas.

Personalized Star Map

A personalized star map is one of the truly unique baby gifts. It is a beautifully printed map of how the stars and constellations were arranged in the night sky based on a specific date and location. Parents will be on cloud nine to receive a map that shows how the sky looked the minute when their precious baby was born. You can also include the exact time and location where the baby was born, as well as add a meaningful quote, for instance, “Under this sky, a star was born”, or “Under these stars, our family became three.“

buying someone a star

Vintage Style Wooden Toys

If your new parents are into vintage style, old-fashioned wooden toys will be a perfect treat for their baby. It can be a wooden animal pull or push along toy, a wooden balancing game, vintage stacking alphabet and number blocks, wooden jigsaw puzzle or stacking toy, and more.

Star Certificate

Without any doubt, naming a star is a totally unique baby gift. The thoughtful gift of naming a star after a newborn will impress the whole family, and the kid will love this fabulous gift when they grow up. When you buy the right to name a star, you get a certificate and detailed directions on how to find the star in the sky. Parents can take kids out for stargazing and find their own star together.

Star Certificate

Matching T-Shirts

Baby and parents matching T-shirts are an excellent idea of a unique baby gift. The family will look so cool and stylish together!

Vinyl Record with Lullabies

If new parents in your life are happy owners of a vintage vinyl record player, they will appreciate a vinyl record with lullabies. An exceptionally stylish gift, right?

Practical Newborn Baby Gifts

Although there are many adorable unique baby gifts out there, first-time moms and dads also need practical things to make their daily life a little bit easier. If you are looking for something more practical for the baby and parents, here is a list of our useful baby gift ideas.

Baby Gift Box

You can create a gift box or basket and fill it with cute things of your choice. These may be baby clothes, baby bottles, rattles, teething toys, books, blankets, baby toiletries and more. Pick up a theme and pack your perfect gift by yourself. For instance, you can choose a princess theme or a good night theme.

Baby Bottles and Related Products

New mom and dad will love to get a couple of extra baby bottles. They are essential for feeding even breastfed babies, as breast milk can be stored in them for bottle-feeding at a later time. Plus, this enables other family members or caregivers to help out with feedings. Don’t forget to include a range of bottle nipple sizes to fit throughout a baby’s first year. Also, keep in mind that the parents might also need dish soap, dishwashing bottle brushes, bottle warmers, and bottle sterilizers.

Baby with Bottle

Diapers and Wipes

It might sound strange, but yes, diapers and wipes are an excellent gift. Actually, they are rarely given as a present, but each and every parent will agree that there’s never enough of diapers and wipes, and they will be truly thankful for such a useful gift.

Diapering Related Products

New parents will be also glad to get some diapering-related products for their little one, like diaper creams, lotions or changing pads. To make the gift even more practical, you could use a diaper bag to pack all this stuff.

Baby Bath Products

Babies adore bathing, because being in the water reminds them of the serene days inside their mom's tummy. A baby bath tub, bath seats and toys, baby bath circle, or bath products for little ones like natural bubble bath, body wash and shampoo all make really adorable gifts for new babies.


Beautiful babies are also messy, especially when they have their meals! Bibs are an excellent solution to capture food and help the little one’s top stay clean for a little bit longer. Choose a pack of three or buy a bigger bunch, and you can be sure that your present will be used every day.

baby Bibs


Babies love to play! A new mom in your life will adore to get an early development and activity toy to play with her little one. The choice is great, so just check out your nearest toy store and you’ll definitely find the best baby gift.

Baby Monitor

Parents love watching their new baby, especially while they are sleeping. It goes without saying that parents can’t always keep an eye on babies: they need some sleep themselves. A baby monitor is truly one of the best baby gifts. Today, baby monitors are packed with multiple useful features. You can get a video baby monitor that is Wi-Fi enabled, so the parents can check in from anywhere using their phone. In addition, modern baby monitors have excellent night vision clarity and can monitor the room temperature and humidity for the maximum comfort of the new baby.