Stars in Six facts. Did you know it before?

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Let’s fresh up your knowledge about the facts

  1. Stars disappear in the afternoon. The reason is not the Sun that is shining brightly in the sky, nevertheless it is the reflective atmosphere of the Earth. They are perfectly visible even if they are not far from the Sun. The atmosphere illuminated by it covers the vision of them.
  2. Have you ever heard the stories that in the afternoon the stars can be seen from a fairly deep well or from the depth of a high chimney? We tell them to kids! The only tube in which you can see them in the afternoon is a telescope! As far as you can see Sun and Moon in a daytime, try to catch a sight of Venus (but you need to know exactly where to look), Jupiter (information about the possibility to see this planet is very contradictory) and Sirius (if you are very high in the mountains).
  3. The twinkle of the stars also depends on the atmosphere. It is never static, even in the calm weather. In space they are shining with a monotonous light.
  4. The three brightest stars on Earth are in the southern hemisphere. But the top ten brightest of them scientist divide equal : five are in the northern hemisphere, five in the southern. Try to find them!
  5. About half of the stars observed by the astronomers are binary stars. Often they are presented as two closely spaced stars, however this is too oversimplified approach. The components of a double star can be far apart, therefore the main condition is a rotation around a common center of them.
  6. The temperature of the coldest star is minus 2,700 degrees. This star is a white dwarf. It is in the constellation Aquarius.

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