Love and Stars

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars”

This sentence you hear often to encourage people to aim big. It seems great at first and really inspiring until you think about it for a second. It makes the moon seem way more attractive, interesting and important than all the stars. The only problem with this concept is that the reason the moon seems more important is that it is the closest to us and therefore looks bigger. Now that you think about it, love has never been about choosing the closest thing to you, the easiest to get or the simplest relationship.

Love is about finding the special someone in a sea of people, that someone who makes you feel special, who improves your mood and who makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Sometimes you already know someone with whom things can be easy and look attractive on the surface but deep inside you, you can’t love them and you choose that other person who can be living far away, out of your league according to some people or just a complicated story, just because you love them more than anything else on earth.

Couple in Love

When you think about it, stars are prettier than the moon itself in so many ways and when you think about how far they are, you understand that they are bigger and more interesting. Stars are so far away you can barely see them, they are hard to get to and they make all your nights prettier.

Love isn’t supposed to be simple and easily attainable, it is supposed to be a challenge to get because it is the best thing on earth and nothing great comes easily. You may have to work for it, you may have to work to maintain it but one thing is sure, its existence is what makes our days better.

Love is a feeling that most of us seem to take for granted and day by day, we notice that the sentence “I love you” is losing its meaning and it no longer has the same weight it used to have because we use it without meaning it and therefore we are ruining it. “I love you” is supposed to mean that you are a part of my soul, that I will do everything and anything for you and that I want to make you happy until I die. That meaning should be back and it should even say more, it should mean being ready to sacrifice your life for that human being because they actually make your life better in every sense of the word. In a sense you have to ask yourself if there is life after love and the answer should be no because what is love without anyone you feel something strong for?

Ask any parent and most of them will give you the same answer: “I am ready to sacrifice my life for my child” and that’s true love. That’s the selfless love that should exist and most children will do the same for their parents. So whether it is a parent, a child or a partner, love is important and should be an amazing feeling that makes you a better person and shines a light even on your darkest nights.

These people are the stars of your life, they make your days prettier, they can guide you when you are lost and they give light to your soul and chase away some of that darkness inside you. These people are the reason why you get up in the morning and go to your job or do your chores, these people are the reason why at the end of the day even if you are exhausted you can say: “It was worth it”.

love under the stars

As already mentioned the sentence “I love you” is losing its meaning and turning into one of those things you say unintentionally and without meaning it, like saying how are you to people without really caring about the answer. Now with that happening, we are, in a way, forced to find other ways to prove our love and we always want to immortalize the people we love because they mean so much to us. Artists are lucky in that sense as poets will write poems and writers will write books that will be read forever, painters will create paintings that will be seen and admired by people forever and singers will make songs that will stay in people’s hearts for as long as they live and maybe for generations after. So what can the rest of us do to immortalize the ones we love? We could name a star after them and make one of the Earth’s prettiest things belong to them. If that doesn’t scream I love you, I have no idea what does.