Adopt a star as an eternal symbol of love

Marry and Tom celebrated their first anniversary. It was a joyous occasion. They were both eager to mark the milestone in their relationship.

Tom had been thinking about the best present for his wife all week long, and he finally came up with an idea that he thought she would love. He decided to name a star after her. Merry was thrilled when she saw the star certificate. It became a part of their family pride.

What do you need to name a star and get the certificate?

We will be so excited to send you this gift! You can choose between standard, zodiac, and binary stars. Indicate the name of your recipient so that we may customize their star certificate accordingly- it's really simple once you see how nice they will look with one personalized just for them !!! Add on any other details like the preferred delivery option before completing the purchase.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on the perfect present. All you need is love – and a star named after your sweetheart! Check our website for more information on how you can name a star for that special someone in your life.

They will be blown away by your thoughtfulness – and they will always know that their place in the universe is marked by your love.

Meta Description: Choose the best present - a star! A certificate from CosmoNova will let your loved one know that you've adopted a star in their honor!