3 Reasons to Name a Star

There are 100 billion stars in our galaxy and just as many reasons to name one. Some events only happen once in our lifetime and this is why a unique gift can make those moments last in our memory (and in the sky) forever. So read on to find out what are 3 of the most common occasions where a star makes the perfect gift.

Birthday Star

name a star for a birthday

Getting your loved one a star for their birthday is a perfect present because it’ll show them how special they are to you. This person will know that you went and took the time to pick a star just for them and name it after them so that they will always remember you and their special day. You can even choose one in their Zodiac sign’s constellation, making the gift even more personal. The recipient’s age doesn’t matter. Just imagine a little kid opening their present and realizing ”wow, I have a star named after me? That’s so cool!” Or imagine an older person receiving this gift and feeling so warmhearted that someone remembered them and took the time to make this timeless gift – they will be overjoyed.

Perhaps you know twins or have friends that share birthdays on a similar date? You can gift them Binary stars – these are two stars of the same star system that orbit around a common center of mass (barycenter) thus are gravitationally connected to each other. An ideal gift for two close people sharing a Birthday. They will have matching stars always looking after each other. But this gift would also perfectly suit you and your significant other, which brings us to the second reason to name a star.

Name a Star as a Romantic Gesture

name a star for love

The holidays are right around the corner and you’re looking to surprise your better half with something truly extraordinary. Well, naming a star is a gift outside of this world (both literally and metaphorically). She/he will be so moved that you prepared such a thoughtful gift. You can name the star by their cutest nickname or get creative and reference some inside joke of yours that’ll make your sweetheart smile every time they look up to the sky.

Occasions for naming a star after your significant other include Valentine’s Day, your Anniversary, Christmas, Channukah, New Years, and any date that is special just to the two of you. At Cosmonova we believe that true romance is still alive and we want you to be able to express your love in the most romantic way. Which brings us to our third reason…

Name a Star for a Wedding Engagement

name a star for engagement

Getting married or engaged is one of the most exciting days of our lives, if not the most exciting. Naming a star to commemorate that day is an original gift that your fiancee or wife/husband will greatly appreciate. You can even name Binary stars so that your lives will revolve around each other even in the sky- how beautiful is that? The stars will be side by side for eternity, symbolizing your eternal love for one another.

Or perhaps you know a couple that is getting married and you don’t know what to get them for the wedding. Sure, a flower vase or a tea kettle can be useful, but if you name a star after them, it’ll be a unique gift that stands out from the rest and that the lovely couple will remember for many years to come. So we wish you happy star naming everyone here from Cosmonova and congratulations to those who have already gotten married or engaged and have experienced this joyful moment in their lives, may your stars shine bright above you!