3 More Reasons to Name a Star

If you haven’t read our first article “3 Reasons to Name a Star”, you can check it out here. If you already have, then you were probably wondering what other reasons there could be to name a star. Just as there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy, there are endless reasons to name one. Here we have listed three more perfect occasions for naming a star and you may not have thought of these. Read on to find out what they are.

Name a Star to Remember a Loved One

Name a star for remembrance

You may be surprised, but over a third of the stars that are named at Cosmonova is in remembrance of a loved one who has passed away. Naming a star to honor the dead is a beautiful way to make their name live on forever. You can think of it as your loved one being reborn into a star and having the chance to shine up there with all the other stars. A chance that everyone deserves.

Of course, losing a loved one is a grieving moment, but think of what that person would have wanted you to do. They wouldn’t want you to spend too long grieving over their death, they would want you to grieve a little and then remember them dearly for the rest of your life. Naming a star after them is the perfect way to remember them in a wonderful way. They will always be watching over you from the night sky, smiling among the heavens. And the cycle of life continues, someone dies and a star is born. This brings us to our next reason to name a star.

The Birth of a Child

Name a star for a newborn

Arguably the most magical moment in life is the birth of a new life itself. What better way to commemorate your child’s birth than having a star with their name born on the same day? Your child will grow up and feel extremely special when they find out that they own a star in the sky named after them. They will feel loved and cherished and never feel alone when they look up at the night sky and see their shiny little twin twinkling back at them.

It is also a perfect gift to give to the parents of a newborn. Perhaps they hadn’t thought of naming a star for their child themselves, therefore it makes an ideal present for a baby shower or the baptism of a newborn. The parents will be thrilled to see you went and made the effort to get them such a unique gift. One that will last forever and that the child will also be able to appreciate for their entire life. Naming a star after a newborn is a gorgeous symbol of birth and our connection to the universe. If it were possible to name a star 2019 years ago, we are sure someone would have named one after the Son of God. Which brings us to our third reason on this list.

Name a Star for Christmas

Name a star for Christmas

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Christmas is a time of giving and celebration of family and we want all of the people close to us to feel extra special during these holidays. You can name a star for any family member or you could even name multiple stars in the same constellation so that the entire family can be together both on Earth and in the night sky. You can check out our Stars of Zodiac Gift Pack to choose one or more bright stars in one of the constellations. Perhaps more than one of your relatives have the same Zodiac sign, you can name stars in their shared constellation so that these people can always be together in the night sky.

Naming a star is a loving gesture that your relatives and loved ones will appreciate for years to come. Whatever the occasion may be, I’m sure you can find a reason to name a star and gift it to that someone special in your life. At Cosmonova we assure you that all stars in our registry are bright and visible from anywhere on Earth. Check out our different gift packages at Cosmonova and brighten up someone’s day with a unique present that they will forever cherish in their hearts and that will always be looking after them from our starry night sky.