The 10 Best Romantic Gift Ideas For Him

Your boyfriend is always the hardest person to think of romantic gift ideas for. Not only have you already been giving him gifts every birthday, Christmas and maybe even Valentine’s Day for the last only-God-knows-how0many years, but he isn’t very materialistic – a scarf or a new hat just won’t cut it. Your Romeo deserves […]

The Many Meanings of Stars

One look up at the night sky when nothing is hindering your view can be overwhelming. The night sky is full of wonders. An infinite amount of stars are laid out before you, more than your eye can even see or take in.  The miracle that is the sky has been the same magnificent beauty long before […]

The Aries Constellation – all that you need to know

Some interesting stuff about Aries Aries is a small but distinctive collection of stars that is located between the constellation triangles, Perseus, Taurus, Cetus, and Pisces. In the list of 88 constellations, Aries with its area of 441 square degrees occupies the 39th place. It is one of the classic zodiac constellations where every year in […]

Shooting Stars: Orionids

Of all the wonders the sky has to offer there is nothing quite like seeing a shooting star.  That is why catching a meteor shower at its peak can be a magical experience.  The rarity of seeing the sky light up makes it even more significant.  Thankfully, there is one meteor shower that returns annually […]

The Story of Andromeda

The Andromeda Nebula is the largest galaxy in the Milky Way area. For people living in Central Europe, it is the only celestial object outside of our home galaxy that is visible to the naked eye. Well, at least from a dark location and far away from the annoying glare of city lights. The Andromeda […]

The 12 Zodiac Signs:

When studying the astrological 12 zodiac signs, we enter into a new world full of cosmic energies, predictions, associations and personality traits that can be truly amazing to discover. Sun signs, rising signs, astral charts, that particularly delightful influence of retrograde mercury…   The first question that arises is: why are they 12? Why aren’t […]

What is a star?

Understanding in depth what is a star is a question that kept busy the brightest minds throughout the centuries. Today we’re going to unveil everything you need to know about what makes a star shine and why they are so important for life on earth. Star shine: an ancient question In Ancient Greece, the astronomical observations […]

How can I buy a constellation?

Have you found yourself thinking about how to buy a constellation? We have gathered all the information you need to name a star, and even buying a constellation. Mainly through astrology, constellations popularity has increased day by day. Join us to discover every detail about buying a constellation. What is a constellation? Constellations are groups […]

Romantic Stargazing Locations for the Perfect Date or Vacation [must see]

If you are going on a stargazing adventure or planning a romantic stargazing date, then these are the three main criteria that you must follow inorder to find the most beautiful and romantic stargazing locations: No light pollution Clear sky Preferably high altitude location Thousands of astronomers are hunting for places that provide a clear glimpse […]