How to buy a star for the holidays

As the Holidays approach we start looking for original gifts. How to buy a star can be a sudden idea that stalls in your mind, especially if you have an astronomy or astrology aficionado among your loved ones. But, is it possible to purchase a Star? how much is it to buy a star? Is […]

How Much Does Buying a Star Cost?

Stars are beautiful, and they brighten up the sky all through the night. There is no couple that wouldn’t enjoy stargazing. Well, you might not be able to bring down the stars to your loved one, but you sure can name one after them, or even after yourself. When you name the star, you are […]

Adopt a star from a free star registry – is it a good idea?

Occasionally we see people in the planetarium with expensive pieces of paper, wondering if they can see the star that was adopted for free.  For many years this passionate scheme has been going on. No, the star that your loved-one got for you is not officially recognized because it was purchased through some free star […]